Urban Monuments

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Viewed through the nocturnal gaze, Dhaka’s roads become elevated corridors which crisscross over the entire city, a city in the process of expansion as the locals are stressed, dawdling near the traffic. Constructing the first overhead Metro Railway for feasible commute, The unprecedented growth of a city’s infrastructure amuses any explorer in the dark.

The developing city has its own supernatural reflection at night, after the day has burnt out. Resonating in the midnight silence, the banal monumental structures transform Dhaka into a modern city. This ethos manifests in competing urbanization in the capital city to which I belong. Exploring the wider spaces of a crowded city, my intention is to observe these monuments of invisibility with several light sources projecting from uncanny directions.

I produce images in a 4:5 aspect ratio in greyscale. The photographs depict the reality of the 21st century which we inhabit, possessed by our civilization.