The Shamshan Ghat


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Pilgrimage is an important aspect of Hindu faith. Hindu pilgrims go to the temples for the purpose of darsan. It is all about seeing and be followed and be blessed by the God, to endure in the presence of a deity and look upon the image with their eyes. Sites near the Ganga (Ganges) River are the most popular for pilgrims.

<p>The devout worshiper of Ma Kali, Shadhu Baman Deb (bamakhepa), is buried in Tarapith Shamshan Ghat verging a Tantric Temple where Sadhana, a Tantric ritual is performed. These people, after long meditation and repentance, gain power and turn into faith healers. They are mostly known as Kapalika, who cover themselves with the ashes from the cremation grounds, satisfying their God with impure blood, meat, skulls alcohol and bones of humans offered to the deity. 

People visit this Tarapith Shamshan Ghat as a holy site, known as tirthas. Shadhus as well as visitors from all over the world gather there for sadhana and in a faith to find peace for the one’s they have lost and for the betterment of their own life; attending Puja, a Hindu ritual, in the temple. There they also seek the darsan of the places where they believe Gods have dwelled. 

The Temple in Tarapith Shamshan Ghat is dedicated to the Goddess Tara, where Bamakhepa practiced and skilled yoga and Tantric rites, which concluded black art. Many Hindus believe in the use of Tantric rites in curing diseases, to take revenge, to acquire wealth or to attract an unwilling companion. Mostly the visitor believes if they visit this place and take ashirbad from Shadhus they will get pure heart, which is bound to give what people want beside the happiness. 

Mostly Shadhus reside there as mendicants, believing; no reincarnation, nothing is unholy or inhuman and everything is satisfying. The visitors willingly serve them with food or money as they ask to sit for sadhana. 

Sadhana – A religious preaching in a search of God]