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After the death of my father, I was obliged to take part in some religious rituals for the peace of his soul. I learned things about Hinduism, which I did not previously know, including the ways in which castes in our religion vary when it comes to specific occasions.

Hinduism consists of four castes. 

• Brahmin

• Kshatriyas

• Baishyas 

• Shudras 

A Brahman is a religious man who has chosen to follow a system where he has the responsibilities and rights to carry out rituals. They are the only who are capable of performing rituals of all the occasions. Performing from Puja(prayer for God) to Shradha(death ritual) is how they earn and is their everyday practice. 

So, when it comes to death, only a blood relative of the deceased should carry out the ritual. Therefore the Brahman instructs the son/brother to carry out the proceedings, who converts himself into a Brahman for the next few days as a sacrifice. Being the eldest son, the responsibilities fell on me.

As I experienced these ancient rites of passage, I became interested in what makes these men choose this life. I met with several Brahmin and Purohits and started talking to them. It appeared unorthodox. They are not forced, they actually chose to be one of them. They practice the performance everyday to be better and better. Their life is not dull or as boring as I thought. Their life is full of joy and happiness. They devout themselves on the performance to find inner peace, where they feel it makes them calm, relaxed, energetic, colorful and closer to God.