Networking Realm

Networking Realm is an imagined space time where information becomes conscious and questions itself where it evolved from. Visual and sound escapes of an earthly time resonates the conditioning information of wires and their binaries about 1000 decades from now as energy can neither be created nor destroyed; that is probable to vibrate on space due technological advancement, as recorded or produced or created seeks back for it’s origin as the process of oneness. Questioning the presence of human civilization and the facts & details that I have been photographing, archiving, designing and producing which are sending signals in the far cosmology.


The interactive section of the installation is to solve a puzzle; give a form to Amorphous 0.00000001 which is floating over the space. The energy invested and the sound produced during the solving performance adds a conscious identification that we are all part of the same time as to explore my imagination.


What you seek is seeking you – Rumi