MMXXIII (2023), The Imaginarium of Faraday Cage

07_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
01_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE
02_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
04_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
03_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
02_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE
06_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
05_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE_installation
03_Sounak Das_MMXXIII_FFE

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Mixed-Media Installation

Converging with the collective knowledge of information available in the phase of digitalization, the strangeness that I encountered in the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh reveal a techno-centric asylum which is the norm in the late-capital era. We relish their directness but do not wish to be touched by their haunting quality. It has transformed from the experience and imagination of a digital age rendezvous from the photographic series ‘Wire Formation’.

Sectie C,

Foto Festival Eindhoven 2023