In the Simulacrum

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The project aims to challenge the traditional perspectives on climate change by presenting through the eyes of the beholder in contrast to machine processing. It delves into the experiences of individuals and landscapes offering a unique and immersive exploration of the human relationship with the environment.

The installation titled ‘In The Simulacrum’ is a reflection of the artist who recently moved from the Global South to Western Europe. His encounter with snow for the first time sparked a profound reflection on how an artificial entity would perceive and process the concept of a ‘White Horizon’ without prior knowledge. The introspection led to the design of an immersive installation in a smoky room with dry ice to resemble the concept of ‘Clouds’ with 4 channel Audio-Visual works.

The installation features several short films, each offering a distinct perspective on the intersection of humanity, technology and the environment. One of the films represent a imagery dialogue between the artist’s human gaze on the snowy landscapes and the machine gaze, which comprises visuals created through prompts and artificial intelligence. This juxtaposition induces viewers to contemplate the differences in perception and understanding between humans and machines.

Another short showcases generative video art in a holographic display that emulates machine cognition. It represents a mesmerizing exploration of how machines process information and highlights the distinction between human and artificial intelligence perspectives while processing data from the world wide network.

The third video is a 3D work speculation, where the experience of memory and places is transformed into ephemeral dust particles. The film encourages participants to image on the transience of our environment and the impact of urbanization and digitalization on the natural world.

Lastly a viral instagram video features an interview of an artificial intelligence, delving into the fundamental differences of machines and humans. The ironic and thought provoking segment invites conversation about the unique contributions and limitations of both human and machines in addressing climate change.

Mixed-media Installation, 2022